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★・゚Welcome to Jamies Space, where space is big ゚・★

Hey little bud! Right now you are floating in space, but it's alright, I'm here. Who am I? I'm an artist, currently also floating in space. We're here together, so you may as well savor the moment and check out my art. I like to draw "Creatures", there's a lot more to them than meets the eye but that'll all be covered in my comic. For now you can take a look at some samples I have displayed.

A tall, raggedy, demon looking creature.

This big guy is called a Stalker! He won't stalk you unless he sees you step out of line.

A batlike humanoid is caught stealing.

It appears there is a creature with stolen bread, being reprimanded by a very dapper boy.

A goopy hand emerges from the water to grab onto a boys leg.

I love going to the pool, but I HATE when my foot brushes across the seaweed.

A bioluminescent squid with harpoon tentacles

Squids are great, they just swim around peacefully and impale a guy or two. This is a glow squid done well.

Pretty cool, right? If you liked what you saw please consider following me on twitter!